Gameplay Programmer

Rebound Screens

Genre Arcade
Year 2016
Platform Android
Tools used Unity
Development time 2 months
Team size 1 people
Role Creator

Recreation of the old classic arcade game Pong. It is a multiplayer only game where players can modify the game space to allow multiple player to play, and moreover, connect multiple devices in a LAN connection to use them as extensions to the game space.

Define a new player by assigning them a region on the border of the game. Players can be added as space on the screen is available.

Players can connect to a local network or use their own device as a hotspot to be the game server, then wait for others to join their game.

Once other devices connect to the game session, players define a regions between devices that can be used to connect the game space.

Because of specifications of screen dimensions and pixel density, it was not possible to define a determined size for game objects, so these can vary from phone to phone.